Take Action

Missed the March?  It’s not too late to take action on climate change!  Here are some things you can do.  Please email us with suggestions for things to add and opportunities for all ages to make their voices heard!

  • Sign the iMatter Youth NC Declaration of Support for Climate Justice
  • Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to sign the Declaration
  • Help spread the word
  • Consider joining one of these youth-oriented environmental groups
  • Join, or start, a Green Club at your school
  • Start, or help run, a recycling program at your school.  Encourage your parents to make sure their employers have recycling programs.
  • Help out with local environmental efforts–stream clean-ups, trash pick-ups, recycling programs.
  • Plan a march for the planet, rally, or awareness event in your community
  • Organize a recycling drive or other environmental event at your school, church, or community organization
  • Write to your local, state, and national leaders to let them know this is important to you.  Encourage the adults in your life to do the same!
  • Write articles or letters to the editor to raise awareness.
  • Reduce your own environmental footprint:  Turn off lights, take shorter showers, walk or bike instead of driving, recycle, and encourage others to do the same!