iMatter Youth NC
Declaration of Support for Climate Justice

To Our Leaders:

Climate change threatens our lives, our families, and our future.  We are concerned about the extreme weather shifts, more frequent natural disasters, melting ice caps and glaciers, sea level rise, diminishing food and water supplies, and loss of biodiversity that are caused by global warming.  Climate change continues to affect each one of us.  We must take action now.

On behalf of the young people who will inherit this planet we ask that you:

  • Advocate for an economic shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy and for sustainable jobs
  • Make choices that restore damaged ecosystems and protect them from further destruction
  • Work collaboratively across all sectors and all political parties to find solutions
  • Support education about climate change and sustainable practices

We as citizens of North Carolina also have a responsibility to protect our state.  We commit to:

  • Making our homes, lifestyles, and communities more sustainable
  • Educating others about the causes and effects of climate change and how we can make a difference
  • Encouraging young people to take action against climate injustice
  • Supporting leaders who make the environment a priority
  • Cooperating across generations and with all levels of government to combat climate change

We commit to these goals, and we ask you to join us.

In solidarity for a better world, we are:

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