Climate Chants

The following chants were used or created for the March for Our Planet in Raleigh, NC.   Feel free to put them to good use!

Hey! Wake up and hear the warning!
Let’s all stop this global warming!

Extreme storms are becoming the norm;
Our planet is getting way too warm!
It’s time to turn that all around.
Keep the tar sands in the ground.

Hey, Hey, N C!
We want to live sustainably.

Once our planet has been destroyed,
Are we going to live on an asteroid?

We’re not going to move to Mars,
So let’s drive fuel efficient cars.

What do we want?  CLIMATE JUSTICE!
When do we want it? NOW!

Where is our home? EARTH
How do we want it? SAFE

Don’t you think some wisdom’s lacking?
Does anything make less sense than fracking?

We increase our planet’s peril
Every time we pump a barrel.

Every time we drill and frack
We give the climate another whack.

Leaders will not have our backing
For dirty practices like fracking.