NC Court Case

In 2014, Hallie Turner petitioned the state of North Carolina’s Environmental Management Commission to adopt a rule that would require North Carolina to reduce greenhouse gas emissions according to the best climate science, in order to protect her fundamental constitutional rights to a healthy planet and stable climate system.  The Commission denied her petition for rulemaking and she’s now seeking judicial review of the denial.

On Friday, November 13, 2015, Hallie and her legal team (Gayle Tuch, Ryke Longest, and Shannon Arata) argued that the Commission’s denial was unlawful and should be reversed.  You can learn more about the case here.  The team learned just before Thanksgiving that Judge Morgan ruled against them and in favor of the State.  The full decision is still pending.  Once that has been reviewed, the team will decide on next steps regarding the petition.The case attracted a good bit of media attention.  You can see video and read about the case here.

In the meantime, there will be a hearing in Raleigh on Dec. 17th (and one in Charlotte on the 16th) to comment on North Carolina’s proposed Clean Power Plan.  Please plan to attend this hearing to share input on NC’s inadequate response to this global crisis.